Become the leading force for lifting Haitian families out of poverty and giving everyone the opportunity to achieve to the best of their ability.


Empower the poorest Haitian families by providing needed financial and non-financial services that will spur them to take control of their economic life.

Our Logo represents:

   Jistis (Justice)

   Lanmou (Love)

   Revolisyon (Revolution)

FONDASE  customers say:                                                                             
It is the credit of Fondase which allowed me to revive my company and to make it grow also. Julien Marie ROSE        
I'm excited because Fondase let me make the last two repayments at the same time to gain access to a new credit.  Rodrigue Roselène
I always want to have credit to Fondase because I like the coaching Fondase gave me.  Louis Roseline