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Ervé Alliance is a business manager with over 10 years, born in Saint-Raphaël, northern region of Haiti, where he spent his childhood. After completing the classical study, the opportunity to study with the University of Fond’oies has made him meet new friends. He has a bachelor’s degree in business management. During the study, he met an extraordinary man who name Moise. He asked him to collaborate with a project to launch a corporation that can support poor people in Haiti. I was eager to contribute to him and since this date we have been working together in Fondase. I have got several experiences in launching businesses such as a Bus company, a restaurant and a telephone reseller store. Presently, I am planning new cooperation with the cocoa cooperatives in the north to help them improve the sector's performance and profit. I had only one work experience as an employee, I did not like it. Since then I decided to work independently. I am dedicated to help others to improve their life, it is for why I stay connected to Fondase in order to stand its candle light.

FONDASE  customers say:                                                                             
It is the credit of Fondase which allowed me to revive my company and to make it grow also. Julien Marie ROSE        
I'm excited because Fondase let me make the last two repayments at the same time to gain access to a new credit.  Rodrigue Roselène
I always want to have credit to Fondase because I like the coaching Fondase gave me.  Louis Roseline